Set ablaze your thirst for passion with this sensual lust-have — BOSS The SCENT By HUGO BOSS.

The perfect chemistry between a man and a woman involves more than sharing a special connection. There is that “spark” yes, but perhaps more from a real chemical reaction – one that involves the senses and a sexy scent. And for the woman, there is always that one fragrance that will make her cosy up to her man a little bit more. Right now, BOSS The SCENT by HUGO BOSS is our chosen alchemy for setting ablaze our thirst for passion.

29 Sep 15 - Glam - FF Hugo Boss The Scent - 1ABOSS The SCENT by HUGO BOSS

The SCENT is the perfect mix of mystery, masculine sensuality and confidence. Concocted with an exclusive ingredient from Africa, the Maninka fruit, and the indulgent flavours of Passionfruit and Rum, the scent captures and seduces the senses with its refined and subtle pursuit.

This aphrodisiac seduces more than just the senses – it satiates your desires while anchoring itself on your memory, never to be forgotten. Its top notes include spicy ginger for that enthralling first impression, a heart note of Maninka fruit with Lavender for a dose of sensuality, ending with a base note of burnished leather for unshakable masculinity you cannot resist.

29 Sep 15 - Glam - FF Hugo Boss The Scent - 2

29 Sep 15 - Glam - FF Hugo Boss The Scent - 3Theo James is the new face of BOSS The SCENT by HUGO BOSS.

With the alluring mix of charm, brooding looks and eyes that speak of deep-rooted passion, Hollywood actor Theo James is the new face of The SCENT.

Best known for his role as “Four” in the Divergent series, Theo captivates the audience with his chiselled features and quiet confidence – leaving behind an unforgettable impression that The SCENT effortlessly creates.

The 30-year old British actor shares, “I’m honoured to be representing BOSS Parfums as an Ambassador in their latest perfume campaign. I have for a long time admired BOSS for achieving the perfect balance between the classic and the contemporary. This campaign encapsulates the iconic spirit of the brand and reflects my own tastes and attitudes towards a truly unique fragrance.” Without a doubt, Theo is the perfect embodiment of the nonchalant seduction of The SCENT.

Ladies, are you ready to be seduced?

BOSS The SCENT by HUGO BOSS Eau de Toilette is available in 100ml at SGD128.



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