SK-II Releases ‘Wings Of Change’ Limited Edition Facial Treatment Essence

The latest ‘Wings Of Change’ limited edition bottles of Facial Treatment Essence put the brand’s primping power for the greater good.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.32.04 pm SK-II ‘Wings of Change’ Facial Treatment Essences

We have a soft spot for beauty brands that use their primping powers for the greater good. As part of a commitment to empower women with the promise of crystal clear skin and the confidence to shape their destiny, SK-II has created three artistic ‘Wings of Change’ bottles of the iconic beauty essence for the holidays.

These designs take inspiration from two of nature’s most beloved winged creatures – the butterfly and the hummingbird – to symbolise the beauty in transformation and the possibilities of soaring beyond your potential. Each adorned in a different colour, the three designs represent various stages in life’s journey to change your destiny, transforming themselves into meaningful gifts based on the giver or recipient’s personal stories in their quest to #ChangeDestiny.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 12.46.00 pm SK-II Iconic Set, SGD259/RM620

Boldness is symbolised by the red butterflies that manifest the courage and willpower to take charge of your own destiny. The pink butterflies are synonymous with love and affection, and their soft hues parallel the warmth of Encouragement that anyone would appreciate before they embark on their transformation. Lastly, the blue hummingbirds though petite in size, is fearless and powerful, and a perfect symbol of Perseverance and never giving up in the pursuit of your dreams.

The limited edition Facial Treatment Essence is part of the SK-II festive gift set range. Choose from SK-II Iconic Set at SGD259/RM620, SK-II Flawless Beauty Set at SGD558/RM1,410, SK-II Beauty Blossom Set at SGD348/RM852, and SK-II Age Protect Set at SGD478/RM1,181.

Available for a limited time only are the SK-II Pitera Red Butterfly Essential Set at SGD99/RM229, SK-II Skin Indulgence Set at SGD883/RM2,277, and SK-II MEN Smart Set at SGD233/RM579. The 2015 festive sets are now available at all SK-II counters in Singapore, and in Malaysia from 15 October.



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