5 Things To Do To Enjoy Good Hair Day Every Day

Ready for a good hair day? Here’s how to keep your mane in good shape.

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For us, a good hair day is all about paying attention to the technique and products used. Read on to discover five key things to do to maintain healthy, shiny, and lustrous locks every day.

Blowdry your hair. Remember: it’s important to get rid of excess moisture, so always towel dry your hair slightly beforehand. Separate small sections, apply heat-protecting spray, and carefully wrap hair around a brush. Remember to let your hair cool down before you unravel it from the brush to allow the smooth shape to set and hold the volume you’ve created.

Know how to use your hair styling products. You can’t mess up a good blowout if you have mastered these hair styling essentials:

Styling creams – Apply a dime-sized amount onto your palm and start raking it through your hair, starting from the back and working to the front. This way, it’s not around the hairline if you apply too much product.

Hairsprays – Always use a medium hold — never super hold — so that your hair does not appear stiff and still has some movement and bounce.

Hair oils – Apply a small amount only at the ends as they can be quite heavy. They’re amazing on ends because they make dry tips glossy.

Smooth mask or a deep conditioner into your locks on a regular basis for shiny, soft hair. Apply it in the evening to allow more time for the treatment to penetrate into your hair cuticles to deliver optimum moisture. You can also try leave-in conditioner to skip the rinsing process.

Likewise, use a clarifying shampoo once a week. Apply the shampoo to your scalp, lather, and rinse with cool water. It will leave your hair super clean and shiny as the ingredients in clarifying shampoos help remove residue from your hair, alleviating dullness and making your tresses feel softer. In the market for a new clarifying shampoo? Read 5 Clarifying Shampoos For A Cleaner Hair Scalp.

Lastly, trim your tresses regularly. You can’t camouflage split ends, but you can avoid them by getting frequent trims every six to eight weeks. If you’re worried about your strands looking too short from those frequent haircuts, well, don’t be. Nipping off the split ends helps prevent breakage, keeping your hair more even, and longer, too.

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