The Burberry Scarf Bar Lets You Personalise Your New Scarf

For the first time ever, the latest Burberry scarf service allows you to have a luxury neckwear you can truly call your own.

The Burberry Scarf Ba_001

Burberry may be best known for its timeless trench coats, but there’s another equally important fall gear from its inventory: cashmere scarves. Made with 100 per cent cashmere, these luxury neckwear make for a sophisticated accoutrement for the chilly season.

And to better cater to our constant need for custom-made trophies, the British label launched The Scarf Bar, offering a selection of 71 colours and prints for the warm, classic cashmere, and 41 for the lightweight option, ready for your preferred monogram. Even the iconic heritage shades including Camel, Stone, Charcoal, Navy and Parade Red are also available for personalisation.

The Burberry Scarf Ba_002

How does this work? Customers in London are able to monogram their scarves in-store while they wait at the global flagship store at 121 Regent Street. For those who are not in London, they can go to, where they can opt to personalise their scarf using a monogramming tool. The tool is so responsive it automatically recommends thread colours based on the selected scarf design, and gives a preview of the initials against the chosen scarf in real time. Take note: there are over 30 shades of thread to choose from with up to three letters in two font sizes.

The brand has also released a short film to commemorate the unique bar concept. Shot at two distinguished mills in the towns of Elgin and Ayr in Scotland, the video shows the expert craftsmanship behind each Burberry scarf, from the raw cashmere to the finished design. Watch it below.

The Burberry Scar Bar is now available in-store and online. Prices start at USD825.



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