Little Indulgences With Big Consequences

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You think they’re totally harmless, but these tiny indulgences could have scary health consequences.

Of course you deserve some form of indulgence, but remember to be mindful of them too. While they help you feel energised and contented – very often, these habits aren’t good for you. The pleasure lasts an hour or so, but the negative effects to your physical appearance and health could last a lifetime.

French fries and souce on white wooden table French fries contain trans fats, which are fattening and bad for the heart. (© ffphoto/Dollar Photo Club)

You love French fries.
They may be your comfort food, but if they’re cooked in partially hydrogenated oil, watch out. French fries contain trans fats, which are bad for the heart and could be the cause of the extra “storage” around your tummy.

Some fast food chains now use healthier oils like canola, but a lot of restaurants haven’t switched over yet. If you don’t know what your favourite fast food restaurant uses, try to cut back your indulgence to once a week – tops.

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