Here’s How To Perk Up Without Coffee

Feeling that afternoon slump? Don’t grab that cup of coffee yet, because here are six ways to boost your energy (and productivity!) for the rest of the day.

Ask most people about their favourite (safe and legal) drug of choice and you’ll hear the same answer: coffee. It perks us up every morning, and keeps our minds (relatively) sharp through that brutal late-afternoon stretch. For many of us, it is the difference between alert and sleepy. In sum: We love our coffee.

But did you know that there are alternatives that provide all the benefits of coffee without the jitters and that expensive Starbucks habit? Check out the list below, try each of them, and never feel like you need a nap anytime during the day again.

Matcha green tea beverage in glassMatcha green tea is a healthy alternative source of caffeine (© polymanu/Dollar Photo Club)

Matcha green tea
This one’s becoming a healthy alternative source of caffeine, as it gives that ‘calm alertness’ you won’t experience when taking in coffee. Plus, preparing it couldn’t be simpler. Just dissolve the powder in hot water or milk.

Foods rich in Iron and Magnesium
If you’re always low on energy, try increasing the amount of said minerals in your diet. They don’t just help with energy levels; they’ll also help keep the blood well oxygenated. Eat lean meats, beans, and leafy greens for lunch, and take in oatmeal in the morning.

Organic Dark Chocolate Candy BarFlavonoids in cocoa boost cognitive skills and improve mood (© Brent Hofacker/Dollar Photo Club)

While you’re having your tea, have a chocolate or two as well. We know chocolate’s got caffeine, but that’s not the only reason it offers a quick pick-me-up. Flavonoids found in cocoa have been shown to boost cognitive skills and improve mood. Just make sure it’s the dark stuff.

Time to get crunchy! Almonds contain Vitamin E and Magnesium for sustained energy and mental acuity.

closeup Glass of water on table in the living roomWater is refreshing, hydrating and contains zero calories (© pinkomelet/Dollar Photo Club)

Yup, the universal solvent can perk you up too. It’s refreshing, hydrating and has zero calories. It also helps with digestion and prevents us to feel lethargic.

This is another mid-afternoon snack option that will gain you a sustained increase in blood glucose, which supplies energy to the body’s cells keeping us awake and alert. They also contain good carbohydrates that keep us moving.



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