6 Ways To Unplug For Your Vacation

Because you know the best moments are always the ones that happen off Instagram, anyway.

Like you, we’re already in a vacation state of mind with the long weekend in sight. Come on, who doesn’t need a break from the daily grind? But the real question is: are you ready to truly disconnect? Meaning no checking on that glowing (and vibrating) little screen in your hand? The best way to unwind and really enjoy your quick getaway is by unplugging from technology. Think about it –instead of a phone, there’s a cold cocktail in your hand, and instead of typing emojis, you can actually stare at real palm trees, soak up the sun and wear a bikini. Ready for your digital detox? Here are six ways to prep for it.

Beautiful woman drinks a coconut waterUnplugging  is the best way to unwind (©Creativa/Dollar Photo Club)

Set Your Out-of-Office Reply (And Keep Your Mind Out-of-Office Too)

Before leaving work, set up your email with an automatic out-of-office message. In your message, be sure to mention that you will have no access to your email as well as voicemail. And be sure to enforce that restriction on yourself too.

Vacation in an Internet-Free Location

To completely escape the wired world, why not vacation in a spot where you can’t even get any signal? A simple search on the Internet (yeah, enjoy your connection while you still have it) can direct you to mountains, islands, parks and resorts that are tech-free.

Go Old School

No need for GPS when you’ve got maps with you. If you get lost, ask the locals and you might meet some new friends along the way too. And when was the last time you used your real camera? You’ve relied on your smartphone so much that you’ve forgotten how much more vibrant and crisp your SLR photos are.

Bring Distractions

Forget connecting to the outside world by bringing fun and entertaining tools to keep you occupied. Bring books, magazines and even a journal. Writing about your experiences is a great way to capture vacation memories.

Keep Yourself Busy

This time, you won’t be busy with meetings and deadlines, but with lots of fun activities. Before your trip, get in touch with the guest relations officer and ask about the different activities offered by the resort or hotel. Go ahead and book an entire day filled with museum tours, nature treks, water sports and, of course, shopping!

Reconnect With People

Whether it’s a staycation or a short trip out of town, plan on enjoying personal time with your partner, family or group of friends. Talk, laugh, explore and share meals together – that’s the type of (offline) social networking that will be most meaningful and memorable.

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