Sunnies Days Are Ahead

It’s easy to want to hate Georgina Wilson. The girl was an Economics Honour’s student, then graduated with a double degree in accounting and finance, has a successful modelling career, is an accomplished TV host and she’s gorgeous. Now she’s added entrepreneur to her list of achievements. Georgina is one-quarter of the team that is behind Sunnies Studios – a hip brand that offers cool, stylish sunglasses at affordable prices. The host of Asia’s Next Top Model was once again in Singapore for the launch of her brand on Zalora and we caught up with her at Hotel Jen Orchard Gateway to find out about her favourite styles from Sunnies Studios and her beauty bad habits.

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Sunnies is a well-established brand in the Philippines, what made you expand to Singapore?
I think it’s a natural progression for any brand. When I was shooting for Asia’s Next Top Model 3 and living in Singapore, I would share my Sunnies with everyone I was working with, and they would say we have nothing like this here. Sunnies is really special because it puts together three things that really work – it’s aspirational, affordable and it’s stylish so for that price, no one is really offering that. To be honest, no one is doing what we’re doing at any price point. So it was just a natural progress [to expand] and not just in Singapore, but regionally as well. 

If you were to name five favourites from your brand, which styles would they be?
It’s so hard because we change our styles so often – we introduce new styles every two weeks, and at any given time there are a 150 pairs of Sunnies so to pick one is really hard. Right now it’s a pair called the Nikka or the Sullivan. But if you had asked me two weeks ago it would have been different.


You’re constantly on the best-dressed lists. How do you choose your outfits?
I don’t take it too seriously. I am always drawn to the same silhouettes, and I constantly like and buy the same stuff. But I’m also very experimental, I don’t like boxing myself into anything and I don’t like overly preparing. When you love something, you never really take your mind off it, I’m always browsing new collections and what I’d like to wear. I think the things to remember are doing what works for you, having an innate sense of style, not copying whatever your friend is doing and having fun with it – not taking it too seriously.

And what are your off-duty staples?
Denim shorts, a great pair of flats – I love flats. I guess because I’m so tall I feel like a giant in heels. And I throw an oversized blazer onto everything. I love Converse. So I guess my staples would be a blazer, a great white tee, the cut off shorts and a pair of Chucks.


When you’re running late, what’s your go-to makeup look?
I’m always rushing. I really do need to work on my five-minute makeup look, because when I’m rushing I just don’t wear any makeup. If I’m rushing to a shoot, I don’t use any makeup anyway, but if it’s a normal day, I usually let my skin breathe, I don’t like wearing makeup every day. If I had to, I’d throw on a pair of Sunnies and some lipstick.

How do you pamper your skin?
I try and go to the dermatologist regularly. I like using facial masks, it feels very relaxing. When you take time to pamper yourself, it’s also a nice time to think and reflect about life. So those valuable minutes also serve as pampering for my mind.

Is there a beauty bad habit you would like to break?
So many! I am lazy, and there are days when the last thing I want to do is take off my makeup. So now I have a foolproof arrangement right next to my bed, makeup wipes, oils – everything to just get it off because it’s a surefire way to age ungracefully. If sunblock becomes too difficult in the day, I just skip it. I definitely need to take more preventive measures.

You can now shop Sunnies Studios on Zalora here.



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