Master Perfect Brows With Shu Uemura

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again – the way you shape your brows can completely transform your face. Case in point, this lovely model who successfully changed the way she looked just by altering the shape of her brows.


If you fancy looking different every day, Shu Uemura has just what you need. The hard formula along with the brow:ink and eyebrow manicure can help you achieve beautiful 3D brows in whichever shape you prefer.


The brow:ink helps fill in colour on the skin to add depth, while the hard formula is able to precisely draw and add definition, and the eyebrow manicure that goes on last, helps match your eyebrows to your hair for a truly natural look. Not sure how it all works? All you have to do is visit your nearest Shu Uemura counter for a Brow Styling session (SGD15 for non-members and SGD 12 for members) and you’re on your way to truly beautiful brows.


Now Shu Uemura is adding two new products to help you create the brows you’ve always wanted – the brow:sword and the brow palette. Beginners will enjoy using the brow palette that comes with two predetermined shades that are easy to blend to get the perfect colour to match your brows. The kit also includes applicators that ensure filling in and blending the colour is a piece of cake.


What we’re really excited about is the new brow:sword. Inspired by the hard formula, it is a pre-shaped naginata (samurai sword) and comes with an attached brush as well as sharpener – which means you no longer need to get it sharpened at the Shu Uemura counter. The refillable soft formula allows you to craft the perfect brows while the brush helps keep them groomed. A one stop solution to our brow woes, we’re definitely adding it to our beauty kits.



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