Freeze Your Stubborn Fat Away

You’ve given up your favourite chicken rice and char kway teow; do kickboxing, yoga and Pilates during the week; bid a heavy-hearted farewell to your sweets and goodies, and yet you can’t seem to shift the fat that’s giving you saddlebags. Or causing your thighs to rub against each other. Or causing that muffin top that prevents you from wearing your crop tops. If you’ve got stubborn fat that refuses to budge no matter how much you work out, or how much you cut out all the junk food, the Pro-Freeze treatment at Marie France Bodyline could be your best option.

Marie France Bodyline 01A

As the name suggests, the relatively painless treatment ‘freezes’ away your fat. When fat cells are exposed to extreme cold they degenerate and eventually ‘die’ and are eliminated from the body via the body’s natural metabolic system.

Marie France Bodyline 03

If you’re imagining yourself strapped to a bed of ice, it includes nothing of the sort. You’re in good hands at Marie France Bodyline with their well-trained, extremely efficient and courteous staff. All you have to do is lie back and relax – you can even read your iPad or catch up on the latest episode of your favourite K-Drama – while your fat gets frozen. The treatment begins with the therapist applying a membrane gel lotion to protect the outer layer of skin from the extreme cold. She then attaches the probe, so you feel a powerful suction while it clamps on to the body. It does feel cool initially, but once the area is accustomed to the suction it actually feels quite numb. The ProFreeze treatment lasts for an hour after which the therapist gives you a gentle massage to help promote lymphatic drainage, which will eliminate the ‘dead’ fat.

In just one sitting, this quick treatment promises to remove up to 25per cent fat, without having to go under the knife, with absolutely no down time and visible results in about three weeks. It’s such a convenient treatment, you can choose to get it during your lunch break or literally any day after work.



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