Winter is Coming: 5 Unexpected Plot Twists This Season

Petyr and Sansa

After a long wait, Game of Thrones’s fifth season is finally here and it promises to be dangerously exciting and more intense than ever.  For fans who have read the books, that goes for you, too: as we’ve gathered from the trailers, teasers and interviews with the show’s creators (yes, we were quite busy during the long wait), not everything you’ve read is set in stone when it comes to the TV adaptation.  Here are just a few plot twists that will keep everyone on their toes this season:

Sansa Stark is back in Winterfell.
If you were fast enough to spot it on the trailer, it briefly showed Sansa Stark standing in the crypts of Winterfell.  It even showed guards from House Arryn riding into the gates of the Northern fortress – possibly as Sansa’s armed escorts, as she was last seen in The Eyrie.  This is a major deviation from the book’s storylines, and Sansa’s presence on Winterfell will change how she (or perhaps Littlefinger) is playing the political game.  After all, she is thought to be the remaining heir to House Stark, rulers of the North.  And if her identity or whereabouts are revealed this season, we can only expect big things to happen.

King’s blood will be spilled.
Melisandre has long been on the hunt for king’s blood, which she uses to perform great feats of magic.  And in the trailer, we certainly see her burning someone.  In the books, she had intended to sacrifice Mance Rayder’s infant son – but as said infant isn’t in the show, she will be looking for someone else with noble blood.  Jon Snow is a possibility, as Kit Harrington mentioned in an interview that his character gets entangled with Melisandre in Season 5.  Then again, it could be the ultimate sacrifice for King Stannis to have his own daughter – Shireen – to be offered to the red god.  If this is the case, it could be the reason why we spotted Queen Selyse sobbing on the ground in the teaser trailer.

Another red priestess arrives.
Melisandre the red priestess is already quite formidable, but will the seven kingdoms deal with another powerful one?  The trailer shows Volantene slaves reaching out to a woman who appears to be a red priestess.  It mirrors the scene where the slaves of Yunkai revered Daenerys after their liberation.  Which begs the question: is this new red priestess a threat or ally to Melisandre, the most prominent worshipper of the red god, or will she be Daenerys’ rival instead?

Varys and Tyrion travel together.
In the books, Varys disappears without a trace after helping Tyrion escape King’s Landing, and no one knows about his whereabouts.  However, the end of the fourth season showed the Master of Whisperers boarding the ship where he hid Tyrion, and Season 5’s trailer confirms they are travelling together.  But until when?  Varys is responsible for a few key plots in the books that unfold in King’s Landing – and if he’s not there, we are left guessing as to what his real plans are.



Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen meet.
In the books, Tyrion was advised to seek out Daenerys Targaryen – but as evidenced from behind-the-scene photos leaked from a location shoot in Spain, they’re meeting for real this season.  The photos show the Imp alongside Dany, her new husband, and Missandei, her handmaiden.  They look quite chummy – but does Dany know that her new companion is Tywin Lannister’s son?  We can hardly wait to find out.



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