5 Ways To Be Uniquely You

With social media platforms dominating the lives of our generation, the pursuit of “cool” is all the rage. Whether it’s eating at the newest hipster cafe, or hopping on the latest fashion trends, we’ve fallen into society’s trend trap. At GlamAsia, we believe in embracing individual quirks and personalities, so you should rock that bright purple blazer like you’ve always wanted to. Here are five tips to be uniquely you.

cos neon yellow (1)

Break fashion rules
Never limit yourself to wearing what’s on trend, or what society deems is “hot”. If you want to wear that gaudy turtleneck sweater because you like it, you do just that. Lately, we’ve been eyeing this oversized hooded parka from COS in a funky splash of neon yellow, a piece that is sure to turn both curious and envious heads.

Experience someone else’s point of view
Unique experiences nourish the soul and provide fresh, meaningful perspectives that only you will have. What’s it like to be visually impaired? NOX – Dine in the Dark allows you to stimulate your four remaining senses while you tuck into a three-course meal in complete darkness. In this once-in-a-lifetime experience, customers are guided and served by the visually impaired, providing an eye-opening reversal of roles as you truly experience life without sight.

Gucci_Guilty_Diamond (1)

Express yourself through your scent
You can tell a lot about a person by their go-to fragrance. This is the bottle you pick up from your vanity table every day, the bottle you can’t live without. Don’t be afraid to go with a bold one like the limited edition Gucci Guilty Diamond Pour Femme. The gorgeous gold-hued flacon features the well-loved Gucci Guilty fragrance, an intoxicating blend of pink pepper, lilac and patchouli. The dazzling diamond-encrusted Gs on the front of the bottle are perfect for the showstopper in you.

Harness your drive to live life
Living life with passion and vigour will easily make you someone to look up to. The simplistic Lokai bracelet conveys the drive and motivation you’ve always had in you. A single white bead contains water from the highest point of Earth, Mount Everest, while a black bead contains mud from The Dead Sea, the lowest point of Earth. It reminds the wearer to trudge through the best and worst times in life, and maintain that balance throughout their journeys.


Stand for something
You should never be afraid to support a social cause you truly believe in, and there are many ways to do that. Local jewellery brand Saught was built on an ethos to support post-conflict nations like Cambodia. The Egg On Peace ring features an actual quail egg. This beautifully fragile creation calls for restricted movement, resembling the life of someone living in a landmine-affected area. When the egg inevitably breaks, you are left with a raw copper ring with an anti-landmine symbol.


Now we are granting you a chance to be uniquely you with the Gucci Guilty Diamond fragrance. We have 3 to give away, and all you have to do is –

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