15 Minutes With Kim Hee-Ae

We caught up with celebrated Korean actress and SK-II ambassador Kim Hee-Ae when she was in town recently to unveil the SK-II #ChangeDestiny Museum. Admired and envied for her gorgeous skin, we got the 47-year-old to spill the beans on her skincare routine, her favourite SK-II products and the secret to her svelte figure.


GlamAsia: What advice would you give younger women who would like to have skin like yours in the future?
Kim Hee-Ae: I think I just do my best every day. Since I’m an actress and a cosmetics model, I end up “caring for myself”. You know how people ask for help of trainers at fitness centres? If you exercise with the help, your body shape is changed without you actually realising it – I think skin is the same. Knowing your skin’s condition to identify the areas you need to work on, and using products that suit these needs is very important! I personally meet the SK-II beauty consultants to ask for advice. I think constantly putting efforts in skincare like that over the years has allowed me to become who I am now. If you pay attention and keep putting efforts, you will be able to discover a changed you at some point. Start now!

GA: You are known for your mulguang (glowing) makeup look. What is the secret to achieving this look?
KHA: I tend to drink water often. Also, after washing my face, before the water dries up, I apply the skincare products. I spray SK-II’s Facial Treatment Essence like a mist as well. And I apply moisturising cream meticulously to maintain my moist skin. Maybe applying the SK-II mask whenever I have time could count as my tip?  


GA: What is your skincare routine for flawless skin?
KHA: I do it a bit differently depending on my skin condition. On days when I need whitening, I use the whitening line, such as Whitening Source Derm Definition Essence. When I have overnight shoots, I use SK-II masks often – the morning of the shoot, I use SK-II Facial Treatment Essence Mask, and Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask the night before. During the change of seasons or when it’s dry, I use SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream, Skin Signature Melting Rich Cream, and the LXP line. When I don’t have mask packs with me, I put an ample amount of SK-II STEMPOWER Rich Cream on my face as a sleeping pack. Anyways, it’s important to use products that suit each day’s skin condition.

GA: What would you say are the most important products in your skincare routine?
KHA: I’m not sure which one to talk about because there are so many. First of all, SK-II Facial Treatment Essence is very important as it helps to clear up your skin tone to be crystal clear. That’s why I never miss it in my skincare routine! And well-defined eyes are very important to actresses, you see? So I can’t leave out the SK-II STEMPOWER Eye Cream and Magnetic Eye Wand, which help me maintain these eyes.


GA: How do you maintain your envious figure?
KHA: I exercise at least five days a week. If I can’t go to a gym, I’ll at least do stretching and weight training at home. I try to move my body as much as possible. When I’m doing house chores, I find time to lift dumbbells or do squats. And there are three things I eat: nuts, cabbage, and black beans. If I eat them the same way all the time, it makes it hard for me to eat, so I eat them in different ways with my own recipes.


GA: If you had to pick just one, which would your favourite SK-II product be?
KHA: That’s a really difficult question to answer. There are so many products that I want to choose, but I’ll choose SK-II AurActivator CC Cream. You see, it’s a product that allows you to maintain moist skin thanks to its high whitening essence components, and also lets your skin look even more glowing thanks to its subtle sense of pearls. I chose it because I think it’s a reasonable product that helps busy modern people save time. Also, as I like golf, I feel this product, which even has UV protection, is very much needed.

GA: How do you believe SK-II Skincare has changed your destiny?
KHA: When I became an ambassador for SK-II, I started spending at least 15 minutes a day in front of the mirror and developed more beauty interest in myself. Doing that, I started hearing from people that I look younger than my age, and hearing compliments that make me feel good changed me. That changed my fashion style as well and widened my range of acting. To me, SK-II is something like destiny that made me look back on myself and make changes. Same goes for now. That’s why I’m grateful for it.



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