5 Charmed Items For The Pisces Woman

The Piscean is so mysterious and elusive, it’s hard to really understand her temperament. Compassionate and empathetic, Pisceans are sensitive beings who have strong emotions – when they’re happy, they’re often ecstatic; when they’re sad, they’re depressed. Pisceans are also idealistic, but don’t take their dreams as merely building castles in the air – they also have the persistence to achieve their ambitions.

Your star sign’s charmed items:

carine gilson camisole

Carine Gilson Lace-trimmed Silk-satin Mousseline Camisole: The dreamer in the Piscean woman will love romantic lingerie like this. Made from antique-rose silk-satin mousseline and dove-gray lace sourced in Lyon and Calais, this luxurious piece makes dreams even sweeter. Get it here.

mara hoffman tote

Mara Hoffman Weekend Bag: Great for an island getaway, this oversized tote comes with ample space to carry all your beach essentials. Its vibrant print will immediately put almost anyone in a cheery mood. Get it here.


Rachel Comey Solitaire Heels: The Piscean woman will fall in love with how versatile these chunky white leather pumps are. This pair is great for the office and doesn’t look as rigid as a regular pair of black court shoes. Get it here.

pamela love collar

Pamela Love Brass Meridian Collar: This rounded brass collar comes with delicate cutouts to make it look even more intricate. It’s understated and makes the perfect accessory to go with any getup. Get it here.


Dolce&Gabbana Sicily: The scent of this perfume resembles a soft whisper, a gentle kiss, and a lingering touch. Channeling the Italian spirit of the gorgeous island of Sicily, this fragrance features the Sicilian bergamot, jasmine and heliotrope.



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