30 Things to Do Before You’re 30

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Three decades. That’s long enough to consider yourself a bonafide adult, but still young enough to get away with particular activities for the sake of #YOLO. And since turning the big 3-oh is a milestone, we’re helping you celebrate it with a little more wisdom, courage, adventure and a bit of glam. We’re giving you a special bucket list – 30 things you should do before you blow out all those candles on your cake.

1. Save Money
You have to achieve a decent level of financial stability by the time you reach 30. Be sure you have a nest egg and perhaps, have even consulted with a financial adviser to set up a more secure future for yourself.

2. Be a Conscious Eater
Live healthier by caring about what goes into your body. Your metabolism is beginning to slow down already, so gone are the days when you could pig out on pizza, chips and cola at 10pm. It’s okay to have junk food once in a while but try to sustain patterns of eating clean.

3. Take Exercise Seriously
It’s not about being obsessed with the latest craze in fitness or joining the most exclusive gym in town. It’s about pushing yourself to have an active lifestyle. Go for a hike, swim, play beach volleyball with your friends or purchase cardio training CDs and do at-home exercises.

4. Give Yourself A Makeover
It doesn’t have to require you going under the knife. Freshen up your look with a drastic haircut or colour change.

5. Travel Alone
Embarking solo gives you the chance to indulge yourself fully. You’ll discover more things about yourself, plus you’ll appreciate the peace that comes from solitude.

6. Cook an Entire Meal

6. Cook an Entire Meal and Host a Party
Being a good hostess takes practice so better start early! Show off your cooking skills and recreate the fabulous table settings you saw on Pinterest.

7. Fall In Love
Fall so madly and deeply in love that you will (almost) forget that anything else exists.

8. Get Your Heart Broken and Survive It
You’ll drown yourself in ice cream while you finish a truckload of tissues. Then, you’ll pull yourself together, let go and move on. You’ll also come out stronger and wiser.

9. make your dreams come true

9. Make Your Dream(s) Come True
Even if you are now content with your life, it is never too late to pursue your dreams. Go ahead and audition for a play, write a book or open a restaurant.

10. Learn a New Language
Take a few classes and learn a new language of your choice. Not only do you get to impress your family and friends – just imagine all the fun you’ll have when you get to speak Spanish fluently on your next trip to Madrid.

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