Back-to-Work Blues? We’ve got you covered

The vacation is over and now it’s time to get behind your desk, plough through those emails and decimate the to-do list. Only you’ve got a severe case of back-to-work blues. But nothing a few fun accessories can’t cure. Here are some we’ll be adding to our shopping carts.


Long conference calls getting you down? This banana phone will definitely add an element of fun.

 Honest Acronyms File Folders ASAP

Keep it real with the Honest Acronyms File Folders – because you know exactly where those documents belong.

 Helpless Sticky Notes

That’s right. You know you’re a #girlboss. And don’t let them forget it either with these sticky notes.


With its unusual design and fun message, the Take A Break Emergency Mug is definitely a conversation starter.

 High Stylers Highlighters

Leave your mark in style with the High Styler Highlighters disguised as your favourite nail polishes.



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