5 Quick Fixes for Beauty Emergencies

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Us glam girls usually have a packed social calendar. From weddings to brunches, D&Ds to romantic gatherings for two, we never run out of opportunities to get dolled up for a special occasion. Looking our best at these events is of utmost importance, of course. But no matter how well we primp ourselves in front of the mirror, we can’t escape the fact that a perfect blow-out can eventually look flat as a board, or a well-powdered nose can transform into a mini oil reserve. No worries. With a few tools to include in your makeup bag, plus a few improvisations, you can easily avert the most common beauty crises.

Event: Your Best Friend’s Wedding
Beauty Emergency: Running Mascara
Beautiful weddings always tug at your heartstrings. And if you’re wearing a mascara that isn’t waterproof, chances are it will run after you’ve let out the waterworks.

1 running mascara

Solution: Keep a Q-tip dipped in a cleanser like the SK-II Facial Treatment Cleansing Gel handy to remove the mascara, cleansing the area gently and effectively. Once you’ve cleansed off the product, wipe with a facial tissue and touch up your under-eye with concealer, foundation and setting powder.

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