Get Fitness Secrets from Fit for Fashion’s Christine Bullock

As a noted wellness expert and fitness model, Christine Bullock makes the ideal trainer for the 12 ordinary men and women competing in the ultimate fitness and fashion showdown in the reality show Fit For Fashion. Her gruelling training methods are balanced by her playful and vivacious personality as she pushes the contestants to achieve their best body possible. Christine chats with us and tells us how you can look instantly toned and why you only need to dedicate 20 minutes daily to your fitness routine.

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GlamAsia: Why is staying fit so important to looking good?
Christine Bullock: You can definitely look good and not be fit, but I do believe most people gain confidence by achieving fitness goals. When you are eating the right foods and working out regularly the body is lean, skin is clear, the hair is long and luscious. When you take care of yourself, you feel more confident and confidence is the ultimate fashion accessory.

GA: Women always complain about the lack of time when it comes to working out. How much time do they need to invest to stay in shape?
CB: When you do an efficient, effective workout, it only has to be 20 minutes. In our day-and-age everyone is over-scheduled, over-worked, and sometimes even over-worked out. That is why I created EVOLUTION20, a 60-day fitness program with 10-20 minute workouts that can fit into everyone’s crazy schedules. In addition to your main workout a hot body is made throughout your day – eat whole, natural foods, take the stairs, bike to work, or chill out after work with a 10 minute yin-yoga session at home.

GA:What is your preferred way of staying fit?
CB: I love mixing it up, another reason I created EVOLUTION20. I perform a variety of workouts each week so I’m never bored and my body never plateaus. If wake-up with high energy I dance or hit the gym, if I feel my body needs a more focused toning workout I do a Pilates workout, and if I need to focus I do yoga or go paddle-boarding. Fitness should bring joy, peace and strength to your life.

GA: How can one look instantly toned before a night out?
CB: As a fitness model, I use a trick to instantly appear more toned before any photo-shoot. I perform resistance training on the particular body part that will be featured. This increases blood-flow and oxygen to the muscles, increasing the size of muscle tissue and reducing any excess water. This instantly gives a leaner shape. If you are wearing a trendy crop top, perform a series of sit-ups and planks to make your six-pack pop or to better define your waistline. Short skirts call for a high repetition of low lunges or side-lying Pilates leg lifts. Try push-ups and tricep dips for tank-tops to sculpt the arms, chest, and upper back.

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Your advice to women who want to lose weight and look good?
Here are my Fit Four (fashion) Tips:

  1. Dedicate at least 20 minutes to your health each day. This could be an intense workout, a quiet time of meditation, or preparing a home-made wholesome nutritious meal yourself.
  2. Set small goals. It can be overwhelming looking at the large goal, and some people expect to reach it too quickly. If you break your weight-loss and health goals into weekly and daily tasks, it will be more achievable and enjoyable.
  3. Make sure your workouts are efficient. If you are looking to drop weight focus on high intensity drills that increase strength and heart rate, then give you a small break to recuperate. This type of workout not only increases calorie burn during the workout, but for 16-24 hours after the workout as well for something termed the “after burn”. If you are looking to tone-up without much weight-loss, add resistance training. Strong is beautiful, so grab some weights or just use your body as resistance to tone and tighten muscles.
  4. Watch Fit for Fashion, every Thursday on StarWorld to learn plenty more fitness tips and stay connected with us on social media!



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