15 Minutes With Lan Nguyen Grealis

Fashion Weeks are all about the clothes and the designers. But no look is truly complete without the makeup to go with it. Lan Nguyen Grealis is the creative force behind the stunning looks at Digital Fashion Week (DFW) 2014 and as Head Makeup Artist, she leads The Body Shop team that executes them. We caught up with the award-winning makeup artist who clued us in on every Asian woman’s must-have product and next season’s big trends.

Can you tell us something about the looks you’ve created for the shows at DFW?

I would say a lot of the looks are very wearable. We see eyeliner make a comeback – this time in blue. There’s lots of black kohl, not graphic, but smudged into the lashline and it’s heavier underneath the eye. Lips see washes of berry colours and pinks in the form of stains, and a lot of nudes. So the lip is soft, but still voluptuous. Skin sees a play with matte textures and cleverly placed shine. We’re using shimmer at the centre of the eyes or inner corners or on the cheekbones, so it’s not all dewy.


Which looks did you have the most fun creating? Which was your favourite?

I’ve always been a fan of neon and UV colours. Pauline Ning has two different looks within the show: neon orange on the eyeliner, and on the lips, so it’s vivid colour that looks very striking when paired with beautiful, natural skin. I like the soft smoky eyes as well, which a lot of the designers are going for with kohl at the top and the bottom as seen at Mash Up. A very interesting look, is the one we created for Fyodor Golan who’ve gone for pink and green eyelashes, which we customised for them.

What will we be wearing in terms of colours and textures this Spring Summer?

You will be wearing pared down versions of those colours. Colours that will come through are vibrant pinks, berries, burgundy shades. You’ll find a lot of high shine on the lips, eyes, and skin which we’ve achieved using the Honey Bronze lip balm which gives a healthy glow to the skin. Next season is more about a sustainable matte look and controlled shine, and the Instablur primer helps with that.


According to you, what is a must-have makeup product?

The Instablur primer. Having that that extra help with the skin underneath will help you create a flawless look. It creates a film on the skin and it helps maintain the moisture. I always, always recommend a good brow gel. Highlighters as well – a good highlighter is a universal concealer/highlighter that you can mix into your foundation to give you that young skin.

This is your second year at DFW, what keeps you coming back?

First of all I love the city and I love that it’s a growing city, it’s very exciting to be part of a growing market. Working with the designers has been really fun as well – helping them become more on trend with what’s happening internationally. And this was the first time I’d done something live and live streaming is becoming a thing of the future. I like to be there at the beginning of something.

What is the favourite part of your job?

My favourite part is probably the design process coming up with something new because it really inspires you to push your ideas forward. I never get bored – from working with the designers, collaborating with the hair stylists, putting the whole look together, to the finished look on the catwalk – it’s just so rewarding. That’s why I’ve always loved doing shows.

What is your go-to makeup look?

Black smoky eyes, because not only do they make your eyes stand out, they’re also very sexy. I’ve tried coloured looks and natural looks but I always go back to a smoky eye.

With Singapore’s famous indoor/outdoor weather, what can women do to make their makeup last through temperature changes?

Once you’ve done your with makeup and set it with powder, you shouldn’t have to touch it up. Using a Vitamin E spray is a great way to revive your makeup – when you find your skin tightening up, or feeling hot. Just don’t touch your face and you should be fine.



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