5 Things You’re Likely to Find In A Successful Woman’s Handbag

Successful women may possess different styles of leadership, but they all have a few things in common: they are driven, determined and embrace their femininity knowing full well that the unique traits of being a woman are assets, not hindrances, to their success.

If we were to take a peek inside a successful woman’s bag , we are quite likely to find the following:


A tablet: A multi-tasking woman needs her gadgets close to make sure she stays at the top of her game. Besides keeping track of work emails and helping her plan her schedule, this handy device can also be used to provide entertainment.

boss ma vie

A perfume: While it’s no magic potion, a great fragrance can quickly set the mood for the day. A perfume like the Hugo Boss Ma Vie celebrates the independence and determination of a woman. A spritz of this would definitely give her a boost of confidence for the next important meeting.


A blusher: Running around all day with nothing more than sandwiches for lunch can take the healthy glow away from her face. Dusting some blusher on the cheeks instantly perks up her complexion so she is ready to take on the day.


Sunglasses: Besides shielding her from the sun, this is the perfect cover when she wants to take a snooze discreetly. Who says you can’t take a five-minute power nap in style?

water bottle

A water bottle: Staying hydrated is an important part of keeping healthy. Someone who takes good care of her body is in a better position to take charge in the boardroom. Having a water bottle near reminds her to drink up and take a breather.



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