Get Double the Benefits With One Revolutionary Age-Defying Product: Clarins Double Serum

As we grow older, our skin’s needs change as well. That means our beauty regimens will have to roll with the punches and change with it. For example, anti-ageing products that may have worked in the past for your oily skin may not do so well now that your skin has turned combination or maybe even dry. Factor in the changing environment around you, plus your current lifestyle and you’re ready to start the hunt for new anti-ageing product to cope with the new and numerous needs of your skin.

Clarins Double Serum

Your search ends with the Clarins Double Serum. After 27 years of research, they’ve achieved a highly effective combination of formulas that most people would never have imagined to be possible: oil and water. Yes, Clarins Double Serum breaks the single serum boundaries with their Hydric + Lipidic system that works with all skin types – that means it will still suit your skin type even if it changes. Only this water and oil combination can effectively deliver the anti-ageing properties of 20 powerful plant extracts. Suitable for application day and night, they also boost the skin’s vital functions, thus, making it appear more youthful, firm and glowing with less visible pores. One drop warmed with the palms and pressed onto the face and neck will result in a smoother skin texture you’ll love when you find that makeup application is a lot easier (you just might skip that primer altogether).

Clarins Double Serum has won over 50 beauty awards including best anti-ageing (Herworld), top 10 anti-ageing products (Jessica), best essence (Elle), best skin care No 1 (Moquia) and so on. With over 90 per cent of Asian women who tried it agreeing that it is more effective than their regular serum, we can definitely say that there are just some anti-ageing miracles a single serum cannot provide.

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