You Can Have It All With Lancôme Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream

As a woman, there are many perks to living in the 21st century – you can vote, choose your career and be successful at it, you can choose to have a family, or not. But with all these options comes the pressure of wanting to do it all, to have it all. Not surprisingly women are working longer hours, and lack of sleep is a common complaint from most women. And no matter where you live or what your age is, or your skin type, stress, insomnia, a hectic work schedule, environmental factors all take a toll on your skin making you look not only tired, but also, older than you are.

Your eyes are the first to show signs of fatigue. Remember the last time you slaved over your presentation the entire night, only to show up looking tired and haggard the next morning? Science has proven that when the body is sleep-deprived, it fights to maintain its mental and physical shape. People look significantly less healthy, less attractive and more tired. The impact on your eyes is even worse: dark circles, eye bags, droopy eyes; but there is also intrinsic damage in the form of fine lines, and modified skin texture.

lancome genefique eye cream

Taking this into account, Lancôme has introduced Advanced Génifique Yeux Youth Activating Eye Cream that combines the latest optical technology and a blend of active ingredients specially selected to target the delicate eye area and reduce signs of fatigue. The luscious gel-cream formula instantly plumps and protects the skin from urban pollution and keeps it moisturised for up to eight hours. Furthermore, new generation elastomers “blur” tell-tale lines and wrinkles with their powerful soft-focus effect; a cocktail of micro particles in different shades diffuses the light instantly reducing signs of fatigue and silica resin microspheres further enhance this light diffusion to visually correct dark shadows and other imperfections. The overall result is fewer fine lines and smoother, firmer, lifted eye contours for a youthful well-rested look. It is after all, the 21st century, and only the women can have it all.



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