5 Minutes with Louise Roe

As a TV show host, fashion journalist, red carpet correspondent, model, designer and an honorary fellow at Southampton’s Solent University where she lectures fashion students, Louise Roe knows a thing or two about fashion. Her impeccable style has landed her on several best-dressed lists, including our own. More recently, the fashion guru has her complied her expertise from years in the fashion industry into her book Front Roe. Now set to host the hot new reality show Fit for Fashion, she tells us about the one thing women need to do to look pulled together and why being fit is such an essential part of looking good.


GlamAsia: Why is being fit such an integral part of being fashionable?
Louise Roe:
I think being fit is an integral part of life, period – not just being fashionable! If you’re exercising and eating right, you have the energy to feel fantastic, and a great physique to make every outfit look great. Even your posture is better when you’re fit, so clothes look as good as possible.

GA: What is the one thing a woman can do to look pulled together instantly?
LR: A slick of red lipstick always gives any outfit a chic edge, and switching flats for heels gives your look more purpose, too.

GA: If you could wear one item in your closet every day for a week, what would that be?
LR: My studded leather jacket from The Kooples.

What would you say is the most challenging experience for contestants in Fit for Fashion?
LR: Keeping their mental focus when times get tough. For some, that was eating healthier than they wanted, and for others, that was to keep going during the physical challenges when their body wanted to give up. For some contestants, the fashion challenges were the most frustrating. Everybody had a lot to learn.

GA: Any advice for people who are hesitant about fashion/getting dressed up?
LR: Just go for it: they are only clothes. If you don’t like what you’ve put together, you can change it! Fashion is supposed to be self-expressive and fun.

Fit for Fashion premiers Thursday 16th October 2014, 9.40 pm on StarWorld. The show sees 12 contestants compete in physical and fashion challenges that push them to their limits to win a cool USD 100,000.




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