Tyra Banks Launches TYRA Beauty

Remember when Tyra made headlines by being in Harvard Business School back in 2012? Two years later, she’s revealed the real reason for her short stint at the campus: it was in preparation for TYRA Beauty, her makeup line.

Tyra Banks makeup line

“I truly learned how to master building and leading my own cosmetics experience,” she said of management program she attended at the Ivy League school. And now, after several years of working on this self-funded startup, she is finally launching TYRA Beauty – one-of-a-kind products that revolve around Tyra’s concept of “Beautytainment”, where beauty collides with entertainment. In fact, Tyra.com was overhauled to launch the line, and it’s now peppered with cheeky advertisements, humorous how-to videos, TyTy tips, a Beautytainers hub and even a music video of Tyra’s anthem. The former supermodel has made a name for herself as a beauty evangelist and television personality, so it makes sense that she wants a mash up of the two worlds for her own company.

But why makeup, specifically? “I believe makeup is the great beauty equaliser,” she stated. “Without makeup, I would have never been a supermodel. I don’t wake up with naturally sculpted cheekbones – I paint them on!”

TYRA beauty is categorised into three pillars: TYover features easy-to-use products in a stick that can be applied using Tyra’s “Four Fast Fierce Fingers” technique to create a smooth, fierce face within minutes; Smize, named after the term famously coined by Tyra meaning “smiling with your eyes”, features products that achieve tantalising eyes; and It Factory provides a mix of runway-inspired cosmetics infused with unique textures and innovative formulas for lip colour.

The products range from USD24 to USD78 and are available through Tyra’s website and through Beautytainers – a community of individual contractors who sell directly to consumers, as part of the company’s business model. With the brand’s mantra for Beauty, Business and Badassery, TYRA Beauty looks truly poised to revolutionise the cosmetics experience.



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