Skincare for this Hot, Humid Climate? Right This Way 

The right moisturiser for you, is largely determined by your skin type. But where you live also plays a large part in this decision. Think about it, if you live in a hot humid climate you’re likely to use lightweight skincare, while if you were to travel to or live in a cool, dry climate you would require richer textures and more nourishing formulas.

creme simon

Crème Simon understands this perfectly and pioneered climate-customised skincare. The brand, first established in 1860, in France, by young and talented apothecary Joseph Simon, introduces its Brightening Detox Range that features 12 products specially formulated for hot and humid climates and Asian skin. The products in this range include cleansers, toners, moisturisers, roll on eye gel and treatments.

At the heart of every Crème Simon product is the Activ-Fleur complex that consists of pure active plant extracts from Damask Rose, Neroli, Tonka Bean, Vanilla Bourbon, Jasmine and Patchouli. In addition to this the Brightening Detox Range also features Wheat-Oligosaccharides Complex, extracted from wheat to inhibit melanin production for brighter skin; and the Brightening Complex that features Rose, Iris and Jasmine extracts that eliminate toxins from the skin for clear, younger looking skin.

All Crème Simon products, including the Brightening Detox Range are free of parabens, silicones, alcohol, sulphates, colourings or phenoxyethanol making them gentle yet effective.

You can experience the lovely Crème Simon products and the legacy behind the brand as its mobile Beauté Boutique makes its way around Singapore. This week you can find it parked at Singapore Science Park, where helpful Mademoiselle Simon Beauty Advisors will offer personalised skincare consultations, tips and complimentary hand massages.



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