8 Ways To Make Your Jewellery Last Longer

We often rely on our jewellery to glam up any outfit – add a cocktail ring here, a pair of chandelier earrings there, a chunky necklace to your basic tee and voila, your outfit is transformed. That’s why it’s important to care for these baubles properly, to keep them sparkling for years. We’ve rounded up the best ways to keep those statement pieces from losing their sheen.

  • When dressing up, wear your accessories last. Put on your makeup first, let your lotion dry, spray on your perfume or dab on cologne before wearing your accessories.
  • Keep your accessories away from water and other chemical agents to avoid discoloration and tarnishing.

How to Care For Accessories

  • Store your accessories and jewellery in separate compartments to avoid scratching and tangling.
  • For extra protection, keep your jewellery in airtight or ziplock bags to avoid oxidising. There are also store bought anti-tarnish strips or silica gel packs to absorb moisture and sulphur in the air that cause jewellery to lose its shine. Jewellery bags made of felt (which are prettier options, though not airtight) also help in keeping your valuables from tarnishing quickly.
  • For gold, silver, precious and semi-precious jewellery, wrap them in acid-free tissue, paper, or cotton to keep them away from dust and moisture.

jewellery organise

  • If you feel the need to use wire hangers and clear bowls to organise your accessories to be able to see them clearly, arrange them in a space away from sunlight and dampness. This would be a fine option for acetate, beads and other costume jewellery, but not precious metals and stones.
  • Do not rub nor clean jewellery and accessories with a damp cloth. Use a dry soft tissue or towel if your accessories come in contact with water or other chemical agents that may tarnish them.
  • Your top-coat can do more than just protect your in your nail polish. A clear coat of nail polish will help protect costume jewellery from oxidising.



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