A Bride-To-Be Beauty Diary

Planning a wedding isn’t a bed of roses. Jamie Tan, an associate manager in public relations and bride-to-be, knows this first hand. The year has been an exciting one for Jamie and her fiancé. For herself in particular, juggling her career, renovations of their new home, and an upcoming driving test on top of the wedding preparations have definitely helped her discover new things about herself, plus hone her skills in time management.

However, the increased number of things on her to-do list has also led to a lack of adequate rest, which has ultimately taken a toll on her skin. On some days it can appear dull and parched, especially when she doesn’t get enough sleep. Yet, to Jamie, committing to a great skincare regimen in order to achieve a natural, healthy glow befitting a bride on her big day is a priority.

This is why the 28-year-old has also been working towards crystal clear skin for the past year leading up to her wedding on July 12, 2014.

We caught up with her amidst her busy schedule to take a peek at her beauty and skincare preparations for the wedding.

Jamie’s daily skincare ritual:
Good skincare for this bride-to-be is all about consistency and simplicity. She prefers quality, fuss-free routines. Her four-step daily ritual of cleansing, toning, moisturising, applying sunscreen, and the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence forms the foundation of this regimen.

Jamie’s weekly skincare ritual:
On a weekly basis, Jamie exfoliates and indulges in eye and face masks. Her key concerns are hydration and brightening.

Jamie’s monthly skincare ritual:
Once a month, the bride-to-be spends some time at an aesthetician’s to give her skin a regular boost with a facial treatment. The treatments also help with extracting impurities from her skin – something she can’t do on her own.

Leading up to the wedding…
A month before the wedding, Jamie introduced the SK-II Cellumination Mask-In Lotion into her regimen, using it twice a day, along with the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, and she shares her experience with it: “I love the light, barely-there scent that is slightly floral and fresh. The formula has a slightly thicker consistency than the SK-II Facial Treatment Essence, yet it is light and watery upon application. It is non-sticky, and is quickly absorbed into the skin. My skin feels velvety, hydrated and supple after application.”
“I noticed some improvements after using the lotion for slightly more than a week. My skin looks brighter and my skin tone appears slightly more even. A few days ago, I even headed out without any foundation, tinted moisturiser or BB cream – I only went out with my trusty sunscreen and my skin looked good!”

Jamie intends to adhere to the skincare routine and then finish up the preparation with a haircut, as well as a mani-pedi treatment just before her wedding.

Beauty items she will be packing on her wedding day:
•    Spring water mist to set makeup
•    Make-up remover wipes
•    Q-tips for any makeup emergency
•    Make-up for minor touch-ups

We wish Jamie all the joy and happiness for her wedding ceremony and a day filled with many cherished moments!



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