Take The Perfect #OOTD Every Single Time

With a slew of selfies crowding the Internet these days, and everyone from your pooch-next-door to your co-worker having their Outfit of the Day (#OOTD) snapped, how do you make yours stand out? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not just about the outfit or your camera – it’s all about presentation. We’ll share with you the secrets on how the best OOTDs are made.

Jane - Sea of Shoes

Tip #1: Lighting
When it comes to any photograph, lighting can make or break it. You could be wearing head-to-toe designer pieces, but if your shot is not lit correctly, they will still look drab. Know which lighting will best show off your outfit and its details, or at least know how to manipulate it to add drama and mystery to your composition.

Tip #2: Location, location, location
When taking OOTDs, it’s important that you think of your backdrop. Avoid unnecessary clutter that might detract attention from your outfit. A solid wall with consistent texture and colour is always the safest option, especially if you’re shooting indoors. But if you’re going for scenic routes, urban landscapes or graffiti walls, make sure that they complement your ensemble instead of clashing with its colours and patterns.

Micah Gianelli

Tip #3: Strike a pose
Amp up the attitude or walk the walk, if you will. The most popular bloggers didn’t get famous because they were timid wallflowers in front of the camera. And you don’t have to be a supermodel to pull it off – just know your angle, keep it simple, look confident and even an ordinary outfit will look like it costs a pretty penny. You’re proud of your style, and that should translate to your photos.

Susie Lau - Style Bubble

Tip #4: Tell a story through your clothes
What makes OOTDs so interesting is your personal touch to them. Sure, readers can easily get their fashion fix from glossies by industry professionals, but these days, bloggers and everyday people who express themselves through their clothes are getting equal attention. Your audience will connect or relate best with an OOTD that tells a story based on your personal aesthetic.

Tip #5: Learn when it’s enough
An OOTD post quickly turns tiresome if the blogger doesn’t know when to stop posting photos. Around five photos are sufficient, especially if you’ve shown enough angles of the outfit to provide a good idea of its shape, form and details.  Don’t post a series of identical photos just because you’re in love with your smile or hairstyle in all of them.  Know how to edit yourself and pick only the best ones for posting.


Photos from top fashion bloggers Jane Aldridge, Micah Gianelli and Susie Lau.



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