Beauty Hacks To Make You Look Fresh

We’ve all had those days: you wake up from a late night, exhaustion written all over your face as you struggle to keep your eyes open and drag yourself out of bed. Don’t worry – there are ways to cheat your way to looking like you had a full eight hours of sleep. Follow these quick beauty hacks to look fresh and bright-eyed to get you through the day with confidence.


Concealing corners of lips and nose

Use concealer and highlighter Your under eye isn’t the only area that will need some help after a late night. After moisturising, warm up a bit of concealer between your fingertips before patting it onto the corners of your mouth, around the corners of your nose, the outer edges of your brow bone and between your eyebrows. You’ll be surprised at how this can instantly brighten your face – you might end up needing less foundation or none at all! Finish by using a highlighter on the inner corners of your eyes or tear ducts and on your brow bone as well.


Wearing white eyeliner

Use white eyeliner To open up your peepers, try lining the inner rims of your eyes with white eyeliner. It makes the whites of your eyes look whiter and gives the appearance of bigger and brighter eyes. If you find that white is too stark for you, substitute with silver, nude or champagne coloured eyeliner.


Tight lining

Tight-line your eyes The last thing you want after an exhausting night is to bog down your eyes with heavy liner. If you feel like your eyes could do with subtle definition, try tight-lining them. Wiggle your eyeliner pencil between your lashes instead of lining them on top, leaving no gaps of skin showing through. As you get to the outer corners, flip the liner upwards to balance droopy eyes and give them a lift.


Powdering Lashes Before Mascara

Prep your eyelashes Lightly powder your lashes with foundation, curl them and apply mascara on both upper and lower lashes. This will really open up your eyes and coating your lashes with powder before mascara will provide extra volume.


bright lipstick

Wear a bright lipstick When all else fails, a bright lipstick will draw attention away from other (tired) areas of your face and concentrate it on your mouth. Hues like hot pink, cherry red or vibrant coral are a quick pick-me-up. Pro-tip: If it’s a colour that looks fabulous on it’s own (read: without the rest of your make-up), that lipstick is a keeper.



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