Slept-in eyeliner is the new smoky eye

Can never apply your eyeliner perfectly? Rejoice because this season’s makeup is all about the undone. Girls at Jonathan Saunders, Blugirl and Pamella Roland all walked the Spring Summer 2014 runways in black eyeliner that was just a bit smudged and messy, almost like they had slept in their makeup.

Since we would never recommend actually sleeping in your makeup, here’s how to get this good-girl-gone-bad look. Using a kohl liner draw a line close to your lashes, getting right into the lash line. Then using a Q-tip softly smudge so there are no clean edges. Use the same technique to create the smudged look on the lower lashes. Follow up with at least two to three coats of mascara.
Don’t spend too much time on it, it’s meant to have a messy, unfinished feel to it – almost as if you were leaving a party, rather than going to it.



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