Dress For Success

Coveting that corner office as one of your new year’s resolutions? Start working towards that goal by looking the part. Studies have shown that bosses are more likely choose a candidate who dress appropriately for the role that they are looking to fill, over one who doesn’t.

Before you stock up on stiff and stuffy power suits, remember to also keep it stylish. Here are what we think you should add into your new wardrobe in 2014:

Seriously stylish


Work bags don’t necessarily have to be boring. This one from Marni has a boxy structure that means business and its black shade is embellished with pretty polka dots to remind you that you’re entering the boardroom, not the bored-room.

Make a statement


A statement jewellery speaks volumes about your impeccable sense of style and amps up any outfit immediately. This one from boutique brand, Gogo Philip, is sleek and chic – exactly how you want to present yourself.

The smell of success

boss jour pour femme

Fragrance leaves a subtle impression on those that you meet. A touch of Boss Jour helps give the feeling of optimism, confidence and dependability. What’s more – these feelings don’t just rub off on others, they influence you too!

Take cover


Need to keep warm? Forget frumpy shawls and cardigan. Go for this structured jacket with embellished collars from Miu Miu. It goes perfectly with almost any work outfit and has a stylish edge to it.

Want more tips on dressing for success? Watch this video, presented by Love, Bonito co-founder, Viola.



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