5 New Fashion Rules to Live By In 2014

It’s just a few days into the new year and we’re already feeling a bit rebellious (in a good way). This mini fashion revolution we’re stirring up is all about you breaking free from your old style habits and updating your favourite looks with fun, fabulous touches.

old you - plain jane

Old You: Plain Jane
You stuck with solid, neutral colours because they’re safe and easy to match. Sure, they’re classic pieces but too much of them will only reflect a dull, sombre sense of style.

new you -jazzy jane
New You: Jazzy Jane
Introduce some vibrant prints and cool textures to your wardrobe. Trade your white button down blouse for a striped sweater or throw over a metallic jacket over your black suit. You can also start small with a bold-printed clutch or studded shoes.

old you -pastel lover

Old You: Pastel Lover
You’re sweet and girly and you like your clothes to tell the world just that.

new you_palette player maxmara resort 2014
New You: Palette Player
Be adventurous and mix your favourite pastels with colours that pop. Pair your baby blue dress with a black leather jacket or complement your pink coat with an orange or red dress.

old you -flats

Old You: Flats Collector
You love the style and comfort of the ever-dependable ballet flats or sneakers and you probably have them in a plethora of colours and prints.

new you -wedge sneakers
New You: Fancy Flats Fiend
Plié away from basic, round-toe ballets flats and try ones with chic details such as ankle straps, pointed toes or metallic cap-toes. To take your flats frenzy up a notch, slip on some bold-hued loafers or pony hair slipper flats. For smokin’ sneaker alternatives, try some trendy kicks with a wedge heel.

old you -blazer

Old You: Boyfriend Blazer Dependent
You grab your oversized blazer the same way you reach for your morning cup of coffee to start your day – it’s routine, easy and fuss-free.

new you -cropped moto jacket
New You: Cropped Jacket Junkie
Invest in cropped and boxy jackets. Give your basic blazer a break and update your work ensembles with collarless jackets and cropped brocade jackets. For a night-out, switch it up with a cool moto jacket.

old you -LBD

Old You: LBD Addict
You have so many LBDs that people are starting to think that you’re depressed or are a regular funeral attendee.

new you - black jumpsuit
New You: Black Beauty
Instead of wearing the predictable dress, opt for a sleek black jumpsuit or rocker-inspired leather pants with killer stilettos.



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