Party Essentials Fit For Your Purse

It’s going to be a long night, and somewhere along the way you’re going to want to touch up your hair or makeup or wish you had a pair of flats in your bag. Enter: the perfect party clutch. The itty-bitty clutch makes the perfect accessory – minimal, but with enough glam to make a statement. It takes some skill however, to efficiently pack a party clutch a.k.a. your survival kit for a long night of celebrating. The darlings that we are, we’ve rounded up three stylish clutches that check all the boxes when it comes to your sartorial needs and hold the life saving items you’re going to need for a long night of revelry.


Purse 1: Bottega Veneta Alabastre Intreccio Impero Ayers Knot
Every classy lady’s go-to clutch, this tiny beauty can hold more than just your credit card, ID and keys. Fit in mint strips (y’know for when you’re still tasting that onion dip that you had hours ago), foot cushions, and to prevent any wardrobe SNAFUs a set of nipple covers.


Purse 2: Olympia Le Tan It’s a Beautiful Life embroidered clutch
Quirky and boxy this clutch doubles up as a handy little makeup kit on the go. Likely to have a long night? You will need at least some of your beauty arsenal with you. Tuck in blotting sheets, some lipstick and blush, perfume, a brush and bobby pins to touch up or even entirely change your look during the night.

Purse 3: Burberry Little Crush
We heart this Little Crush. Not just because it can go from being a day-to-night bag with the change of a strap; not just because it fits just perfectly in the crook of our arm, but also because you can really pack a lot into it and still manage not to look like the bag lady. Along with your fashion and beauty essentials, throw in a pair of roll up flats, hand sanitiser, and a scarf to keep you warm or potentially change up your outfit.



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