Is Burberry About To Lose The Rights To Their Signature Plaid Pattern?

We all know plaid is killing it this season. So we were so surprised when we got word that Burberry, the company who put this print on the map, might be losing their rights to their signature red, black and tan check.

Burberry With Love - Campaign Image
Chinese authorities ruled that other companies can lawfully use the Burberry pattern on leather goods, since the British brand hasn’t used it enough in the past three years. What constitutes enough? We have no idea. But Burberry is currently appealing this ruling. The whole debacle has been going down since August 2012 when a division of the Lubida factory in China filed a complaint to the Trademark Office over the right to use Burberry’s iconic print. No surprise here: Burberry had previously sued Lubida for creating knock-off bags. Sounds like a fashion lawsuit that will go down in history. And, the last chance for us to get our hands on the iconic print.

No official decision has been made yet, so Burberry still has the sole right to use their check pattern. But what will happen if the Chinese court doesn’t rule in the British brands favour and other companies start using the red, black and tan print?! What do you guys think? Can Burberry survive this major shake-up? Let us know in the comments below!

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