How to pick a fragrance as a gift

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Christmas is coming. Have you decided what to get for your loved ones to thank them for a great year? Fragrances are a great option because the recipient will be able to be reminded of you whenever they wear the scent. It is an intimate and thoughtful gift, for sure.

However, how do you choose a perfume that you’re not going to wear, but send as a gift? Here are tips.

Know your recipient: Do you know the fragrance that he/she is used to wearing? Besides getting the recipient the same fragrance as a replacement when the old one’s finished, consider looking for something that carries similar notes (e.g. citrus, spicy, woody, floral).

Consider the purpose: Do you intend for him/her to wear it for work? Or is it for evening dates? If it’s for work, you should probably choose something lighter and more energetic, and a night fragrance should probably be more sensual and mysterious.

Match the perfume’s image to your recipient’s personality: The sultry daredevil friend is probably going to resonate with the Gucci Guilty, while the optimistic and friendly colleague
will find Boss Jour more similar to her character.

Try them: You need to first like it before you gift it. Definitely, try the fragrance and see if you can imagine this scent on the recipient. The best gift is one that you really take time to pick out.

Get them all: Consider getting a body lotion from the same collection that you’re getting the perfume. Layering a lotion before the perfume helps the fragrance lasts longer, and it also shows that you’re a thoughtful gifter.



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