5 Investments to Make for Your Wedding Day

The secret to a memorable wedding, that guests will be talking about long after you’ve gone to your honeymoon, is knowing what factors are worth a little more extravagance. Here are five splurges you should make for your wedding day.


Your Wedding Dress, Shoes and Appearance
It’s your big day. You might as well own it and look your very best. Buy the wedding dress of your dreams and pair it with just as lavish shoes that ensure comfort and exquisite style.


A few months before the wedding, start a healthy skincare regimen that will give you a flawless complexion on your wedding day. Pamper yourself with a luxury skincare line such as SK-II and truly feel like a beautiful blushing bride.


Wedding Planner
The knowledge and experience of a renowned wedding planner can ensure a stress-free wedding planning process. As an important milestone in your life, you’d want to enjoy it and not crumble under pressure while slowly turning into a bridezilla. A wedding planner will steer you towards the right direction and will provide you with all the information and guidance you will need.


Wedding Photographer
No matter how elaborate all your wedding details are, they will just be mere memories at the end of the reception – the buffet spread will have been consumed, the jazz band will have played their last song and your dress, put away in the closet. But the photographs will forever remind you of your wedding day. Hire a talented photographer who can skilfully capture all the beautiful moments you’ll want to cherish for a lifetime.


Eating should always be a pleasant experience especially during special occasions. Guests who have satisfied stomachs are generally happy and are always in the mood to party. If the food is bad, those guests will no doubt be talking about it. So treat your family and friends to a sumptuous meal. Try to personalise your menu and let it reflect who you are as a couple. Consider the food you love or dishes that mean something to you.

wedding DJ

Great music will dictate the mood of your reception. Leave the amateurs behind and hire experienced professionals you trust. Why not your favourite local band or DJ? The beautiful melodies or pulsating beats will definitely draw guests to the dance floor. What more could you want for a successful wedding party?



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