Holiday for your skin

We’re always planning vacations for ourselves – little getaways to give ourselves a break from our gruelling everyday schedules, to refresh and revitalise our minds and bodies. But have you ever considered giving your skin a break? To let it breathe and revive itself? Think about all the makeup you pile on every single day – primer, concealer, foundation, powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara, the list can go on and on. Your skin needs a break from this daily onslaught of makeup too.

As you plan your vacation this time, schedule some makeup-free time for your skin as well. Think of it as a vacation for your skin from makeup. Sounds impossible to leave the house without foundation? Ask a friend to join you as well. Skipping makeup together will keep you both motivated.

Just because you are going makeup free, doesn’t mean you ignore your skincare routine. In fact, this is the time to concentrate on it. The right skincare will help rejuvenate your skin and make it flawless. And who knows, you may just decide your skin is better without makeup.

Here’s our list of products to pamper and nourish your skin with while going makeup free.

SKII FTMassageCream

SK-II Facial Treatment Massage Cream
Give your tired, dull skin some TLC with this wipe off massage cream. Using your middle and ring finger, work a small amount of the product into your skin with tiny circular movements. After about two minutes, wipe off with a facial cotton and rinse. The massage helps improve skin texture and blood circulation, bringing a glow to lackluster skin. Suitable for all skin types, you can use this cream to treat dehydrated skin on other parts of the body too.


SK-II Facial Treatment Mask
This moisturising and radiance-enhancing mask fits the face snugly to provide intense hydration that revitalises and comforts the skin, leaving it refreshed and cool. Infused with Pitera’s™ fusion of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and organic acids, it works to enhance renewal of the skin’s outer layer. It is extremely nourishing and gentle on the skin and can be used everyday to reveal brighter, more even-toned skin.


SK-II Cellumination Day Surge UV SPF 30 PA++
No matter what, you should never leave the house without your sunscreen. And this wonderful product offers a two-pronged approach to bright, aura skin. Not only does it protect you from the sun’s harmful rays, the Cellumination Day Surge UV also contains SK-II’s active complex Aura Bright Cocktail D, which encourages aura skin by fighting daytime skin damage. Designed to protect and treat, it prevents internal and external damage to the skin during the day from extending into the night, so you can make the best of your night routine. The result: clearer, even toned, radiant skin.



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