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How do you choose the right shade? How do you make your foundation last the whole day? What is the best texture for your skin type? We’ve got you covered. We spoke to Janet Lam, Estée Lauder Boutique Manager at TANGS Orchard, who gave us all the information on finding the best foundation for your skin.

How do I know which is the right shade of foundation for my skin?
At Estée Lauder, we have the i-match Shade Finder to determine the ideal formula and shade for all skin tones and skin types. We narrow down a couple of shades, and then try them on your face. Finally, you pick the one that blends seamlessly with your skin.


What would be the best textures for the different skin types?
Ladies with oily skin can opt for a matte finish, while those with dry skin can go for an illuminating foundation. Women with normal to combination skin can choose either matte or illuminating finishes.

Will using foundation improve my skin?
Using foundation instantly perfects the look of the skin, and is the fastest way to achieve porcelain-perfect looking skin. That said, it cannot replace your skincare regimen and should not be taken as a treatment.


How can I avoid my foundation looking cakey?
Prepping the skin is most important step in applying your makeup. At Estée Lauder, we believe that beautiful makeup begins with beautiful skin. Depending on your skin concerns, start with the Optimizer Intensive Boosting Lotion suitable to your skin needs, then follow up with Advanced Night Repair Synchronized Recovery Complex II and the moisturiser that addresses your skin concerns. After your moisturiser don’t forget to add sunscreen. Finally, blend on your foundation.

What is the best way to apply foundation for the most natural look?
To get the best results at Estée Lauder we employ the Foundation Flower technique. We believe the face is like a flower where the forehead, cheeks and chin are considered the petals of the flower. Start at the centre of the face, blending outward; finish blending each area before moving on to the next for a flawless finish.


What tools do I need to apply foundation?
You can use your fingers, a sponge or a brush. However, brushes give you the best results. With fingers you may not be able to reach some tight corners such as the sides of your nose and sponges tend to soak up a lot of the product leading to product wastage. Hence the brush is the best option, giving you excellent control over the whole application with the Foundation Flower Technique.


Do I really need concealer as well?
If you’re using a foundation like Double Wear that gives you a medium to full coverage you may not need a concealer. However, if you feel the need to further cover imperfections, you could opt for Double Wear Stay-in-Place Flawless Wear Concealer or the Double Wear Stay-in- Place High Cover Concealer for more coverage that won’t look cakey.


What is the best way to make my foundation last the whole day?
To ensure your foundation stays the entire day make sure to use a primer under it. Estée Lauder has two primers, one is the Matte Perfecting Primer, and the other is the Illuminating Perfecting Primer to cater to both dry and oily skin types.

What is the best foundation for warm, humid climates like Singapore?
The Double Wear series is your answer to makeup that stays all day even in the heat and humidity. Choose from the Double Wear Light, Double Wear Stay-in-Place or the Double Wear Maximum Cover depending on the coverage you desire.

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