White Shirt Remix


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Put simply, there’s little the quintessential white shirt can’t do. It adds a sophisticated sensibility to a short mini-skirt yet simultaneously makes you feel like a too-cool, downtown girl when worn boyfriend style with your favourite jeans. On days when your wardrobe fails you, there’s nothing like a crisp white shirt to take the fall.
Elevate your white shirt with our reinterpretations of a classic.

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Sheer Bliss
A careful balance of romance and elements of menswear. Temper feminine elements with a bib-front inspired by a tuxedo menswear shirt.
Sheer panels add a sensual feel to the classic white shirt.

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Hybrid Precision
Juxtapositions of contrasting textures and unexpected details. Pleating and belt details make for arresting hybrid details in your classic white shirt. A contradictory mix of fabrications like poplin and knit results in an innovative exploration of textures.

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Clean Break
Characterised by clean lines and a structured silhouette. Empower your shirt with arm slits to give it a cape-like, heroic effect. Maintain a polished aesthetic with minimal lines and a precise silhouette.

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Fine Cut
Infusing a classic cut with a refined, downtown edge. Refresh your classic shirt with a sleeveless variation. Introduce an unexpected peek-a-boo detail in the form of a back cut-out.

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