Beauty And Culture For Christmas

Quick survey: do you have that one beloved friend who is a) a serious beauty junkie b) likes culture soaking c) a no-fuss, minimalist? Oh, are we talking to her right now?


We feel like we hit three birds with one stone in Aesop’s A Futurist Assembly seasonal gift kits in sleek tin boxes, inspired by the Futurist art, music and language that modernised Italy in the early 20th century. The six beauty sets pair Aesop’s renowned skincare and sleek packaging, making them the ideal gift for the beauty minimalist on your list, a grooming-inclined man in your life or yourself who deserves a trio of full-sized anti-oxidant Parsley Seed Skin Care.

So whether it’s for you or a friend who has the uncanny combination of penchants we mentioned, Aesop’s A Futurist Assembly primpers will be sure to garner you appreciation in this season of gift-giving.

Starting at $79, all sets are available in Aesop signature stores and beauty counters across the globe from this month onwards.



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