15 minutes with the Love, Bonito girls

Homegrown label, Love, Bonito, founded in 2010 has become the epitome of easy, accessible fashion. Owned by sisters Viola and Velda Tan and good friend, Rachel Lim, Love, Bonito, offers quality apparel in the latest styles and trends at an affordable price. Since its inception, the site has received accolades, such as the SME Asia Award 2013/2014 by The Asian Business Journal and The Trade and Industry Association. We caught up with the girls at the recently held FIDe Fashion Weeks where their Julien Fournié for Love, Bonito collaboration caused quite a buzz.


GlamAsia: Can you share more about the process behind the Julien Fournié for Love, Bonito collection
Rachel: I think the video showed during the press conference sums up how we got to meet Julien Fournié. So when we met up, it was more for Julien Fournie to grasp our style. He also did homework, and checked out our website to understand the Love, Bonito girl and style. So he went to our website, saw the items we sell and figured out who the Love, Bonito girl is.
During the process of us meeting, talking to him and while sketching, there were some designs that might not have worked for an Asian girl or a Love, Bonito girl and we would give our feedback very honestly and he would do the necessary changes on the spot.

GA: Could you share your experience, perhaps something interesting while working with Julien Fournié?
R: It was an eye opener for us, it was very humbling and we learnt a lot from this experience. For an haute couture designer, so successful in Paris, to want to meet us and know about our brand, and business, it was really humbling for us. He was so open to our ideas and our designs. When we pointed out designs that would not work, he did not insist, but instead was very receptive and changed the sketches. We learnt a lot from him.


GA: Which is your favorite piece from the collection?
R: That is a tough one; honestly we love more than one piece. We really believe in all the designs and the entire collection and we had a say in all of them, so all of them are our babies.
Viola: We will just say that if there is anything we really love, it would be the print pieces, we saw the pieces painted from the beginning and how it developed, and so the printed pieces are amazing.

GA: Share with us your secret to becoming a successful, established online retailer and now an up-and-coming fashion powerhouse?
R: Thank you, we actually feel we have a long way to go to becoming successful, but we are very, very thankful to God – for the favours, the doors he has opened for us and the people he has allowed us to meet and cross our paths.
V: And also our supportive family and friends and Love, Bonito pixies, which I think is very important, because when Rachel and I travel for work, we leave the daily operations to our girls to carry out.
R: And also for our customers who believed in us from eight years ago, from Bonito Chico, which started out as a blog shop, who followed us along the way and given us constructive feedback, we are very, very thankful for all these people.

By Teo Jia En



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