JFW 2014: An Exhilarating Day at Indonesia Fashion Forward – Part 2

So far, my first experience at Jakarta Fashion Week is turning out to be as incredibly exhausting and hugely rewarding at the same time. I’m having a really good time checking out shows, and I was so pleased that I got to witness shows from the chosen participants of the Indonesia Fashion Forward (IFF) program.The IFF is basically an incubation initiative — a catalyst, if you will — established by the JFW council and The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Indonesia, The British Council, and Center for Fashion Enterprise (CFE) London. Labels are carefully selected by the panel of industry professionals and then guided as they take shots to sell their collection overseas.
After the Premium Ready to Wear collections, next up were the Luxury Ready To Wear Labels, which are (as the name suggests) a little more high-end in terms of style and price.

Albert Yanuar
With an amazing color palette and intricately embroidered patterns to boot, Albert Yanuar has created a beautifully curated set of variations on a theme. The heavy embroidery is counterbalanced by either light, flowy materials or nearly-there sheer. A great collection that did not get repetitive, thanks to fantastic detailing.

Always fun and never disappointing, Toton injects the vibe of adventure that comes with the American southwest. As if embroidered shirt lapels and bedazzled waist cinchers were not enough, he had to go and make it even more interesting by using a gorgeous selection of materials and colors. The attention-stealer of the show for me, though, were the accessories. Good grief. Let’s take a close look at some of the gorgeous chokers before appreciating the handiwork on the outfits.

Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan
You know what? I’ve decided that Yosafat Dwi Kurniawan can send a model in nothing more than a ratty burlap sack, and I would still love it. Thankfully this latest collection of his featured no burlap sacks and plenty of his trademark no-nonsense style, with a lot of sass thrown in for good measure. For me, the highlights of his monochromatic collection were the dress shirts with embellished epaulets and (you guessed it) black jackets with embellished sleeves (you have no idea how important it is for me to have these jackets right now). This was the collection he presented in the Buyers’ Room at this year’s Paris Fashion Week, and he definitely delivered on what he said regarding adding a new twist to this new collection.

Tex Saverio Jakarta
Now here was a designer so buzzworthy that the JFW council thought it was worthy of an IFF show of its own. Tex Saverio Jakarta actually debuted this collection at an intimate show last month at Paris Fashion Week. Where else would a man whose avant-garde vision would fit in so perfectly with its surroundings? The collection, titled Fantasy Made Reality, is laden with laser cuts and intriguing materials. The collection was named so after the designer felt he had achieved what he set out to do: establish an exclusive ready-to-wear line, therefore turning his own dreams into reality.

Is the collection beautiful? Yes. Saverio toned down the arthouse idealism we see in his Tex Saverio label to produce numbers that are more down-to-earth but keep their dreamy appeal fully intact.

So it’s beautiful, yes; but is it wearable? This totally depends on how ballsy the person wearing it is! In the wrong hands, the outfit will end up wearing the wearer, and not the other way around. Like all excellent collections — as out there as this collection seems — it’s still very wearable depending on what you wear it with and how you wear it.

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