Dress like a Style MVP

Cool caps, sleek jersey dresses, boyish varsity jackets and sneakers are just some of the sporty ways to score a homerun in style – minus the sweat and muscle cramps. The athletic-inspired look celebrates a simple, yet fun and playful version of casual that dabbles in a bit of a childhood dressing and manly jock mash-up. Want to play? To help you make your winning style shots, here are sporty chic outfits to cheer you on.


The quickest way to do a sporty look (while camouflaging a bad hair day) is by wearing a cap. If you have a boyfriend’s baseball cap to borrow, cool! But for a luxe statement, wear a chic, leather cap to go along with your bomber jacket and heels.


Another cute and super comfy way to add sporty appeal to your ensemble is by slipping on a pair of sneakers. Wear it with anything from dresses and tee-and-jeans outfits or, you can pair them with an embellished leather jacket for an edgy casual look.

letterman jacket

Wearing a tank or shift dress under a varsity or letterman jacket will add a feminine flair to your athletic-inspired ensemble.

jersey dress

Treat large jerseys like boyfriend t-shirts. Wear them as dresses and turn every street you walk on into fashionable playing fields.

jersey shirt

If the jersey isn’t long enough, wear it as a tee and partner it with your jeans. Roll up the sleeves or tuck in the jersey to your jeans for a sleeker silhouette.

sports shirt with leather pants
Wear shirts from your favourite sports apparel brand and upgrade them to urban chic status by dressing them up with leather pants and statement shoes.

Ready to earn your fashionista sports cred? Which look would you like to take a shot at wearing?



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