Label to look out for: Twisted Sisters

Contrary to the name, there is nothing twisted going on in the mind or designs of up and coming fashion label, Twisted Sisters. Maria Mak, the creative force behind the brand is no Mcqueen or Lacroix, and she has no intention of being so.

Instead, you will find that Twisted Sisters’ collections are defined by their high versatility, with each piece capable of creating not just one, but several statement pieces with a few styling tips and tricks. Maria Mak has designed her clothing to ensure that each piece can be easily mixed and matched with other items from her collection, or with what you already have in your closet.

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For the label’s Fall/Winter 13 collection, Twisted Sisters has gravitated naturally towards a darker palette, highly constrasted by their neon and strong pieces in yellow, pink and green from Spring. With most pieces being black, Maria injects color into her collection with a blend of neutral shades and spots of electric blue and mustard yellow into several of her blouses and sweaters.

The standout factor of this label however, is its immaculate tailoring and high quality. Her clothes are of a great fit for every body shape, with blazers that are appropriate both in and out of the office. Maria had also created a pair of shorts for her tweed blazers, which makes a great short suit in humid climates, like Singapore.

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The Stunning Stella Feather Skirt, on the other hand, is a glamorous piece rich in texture that will be complete with a sheer blouse- for that extra touch of elegance. Although a standout piece, this skirt can still be work appropriate, if toned down with a pair of leggings, coat or blazer.

Maria Mak, the talent behind Twisted Sisters, hails from Toronto. Her achievements include having her collection showcased in Holt Renfrew, and also having been chosen as a Top 10 Finalist in the Young International Fashion Designer Competition in 2002. Her clothing line is a perfect fit for those looking for suitable work wear that can also double as trendy outfits for nights about town, or casual chic dinners and drinks.
You can find more Twisted Sisters creations here and shop Twisted Sisters’ new collection at Inverted Edge.



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