5 Bridal Nail Designs We Love

Besides your face, your fingers will be the focus of the photographs – at the ring exchange ceremony. This is why you should pay special attention to your digits. Here are five nail designs that we love. Like any of them? Get your manicurist to use these as her inspiration!

laced french mani

Laced With Love
The French manicure is probably the most common type of nail design brides go for. It’s understated, elegant and timeless. We suggest giving it a twist and changing up the white portion for white lace. Extra points if you can find a design that looks like your bridal gown.

ring finger
Stand Out
Nude nails are a classic bridal manicure design, but let your ring finger – where the ring is going – take the limelight by adding jewels and pearls to it. It’ll be especially pretty if the nail look complements the design of your ring.

Get Playful

If you’re the bubbly bride who’s always full of energy, why not go for a nail look that’s equally fun? Paint a dress and a tux on two of the nails and keep the others simple.

Let It Pop

This may be a little cumbersome, but no less beautiful. 3D nail art designs that feature beads, jewels and flowers are an outstanding way to embellish your nails.

purple gradient
Go With The Flow

You don’t always have to stick with nudes and pinks. Match your nails to the colour of your wedding theme instead. For instance, if you’re dressing your bridesmaids in purple and using purple ribbons, consider going for a purple gradient nail design.



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