Review: LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence

teatree 90 essence
The LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence was formulated after women with sensitive skin found that the condition of their skin greatly improved with the LJH Doctor’s Care Facial Mask Sheet TeaTree. So a more potent version, that could be used everyday was created. An essence is lighter than a serum or an ampule, and targets specific problems. The Tea Tree Essence 90 aims at clearing troubled skin, moisturising and brightening.

With its 90 per cent tea tree extract, it helps target acne and breakouts. Sea Buckthorn another core ingredient in this essence is rich in Vitamins A and E that help delay skin maturation thus slowing anti-ageing as well. Another ingredient, centella asiatica is known to speed the healing of damaged tissue and minimise scarring, while also helping to boost collagen and preserve moisture giving the skin an overall plump, healthy appearance.

I decided to try the LJH Tea Tree 90 Essence as a means to deal with a stress-related acne breakout. I like that it comes with a dropper – this keeps things hygienic and increases the life of the product. It has an incredibly light texture, just slightly more viscous than water and is fragrance free – another plus in my book.

After cleansing, I dispense three drops in the palm of my hand and smooth it all over my skin in gentle upward strokes, and it gets absorbed almost immediately. Because I have incredibly dry skin, I wait for about a minute and then follow up with my moisturiser. This essence can be used at night as well, so I repeat the same routine at night. It is wonderful for those with sensitive skin, but can be used by all skin types.

Within a week of using it the acne had reduced and my skin did look brighter and more even toned. I still need help in the moisture department though, but that’s probably because I have dry skin and I work long hours in an AC environment. With continued use though, I am sure I will see clearer, brighter skin.

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