Inside Tony Li’s World of Beauty

At Lane Crawford, we celebrate Vogue Fashion’s Night Out this year with renowned celebrity makeup artist, Tony Li and an exhibition of his latest book. With a career spanning over 25 years, Tony is considered a pioneer and leader in the beauty industry working with international designers, photographers and models.

The success of his first beauty book Powder & Brush has led to the sequel Powder & Brush II – a powerful collaboration with leading photographers including Chen Man, capturing his take on style and beauty. Tony Li shares his insights on beauty and must-have products

Lane Crawford: Where does your inspiration come from?
Tony Li: Everything in my life is my inspiration. I seldom do preparation before working on a look. I always find inspiration when I’m in my most relaxed state.

LC: What is your philosophy on beauty?
TL: Sexy is the key fundamental when it comes to beauty.

LC: Which is your favourite look in Powder & Brush II and why?
TL: I love every look in the book, but if I had to pick one, I would choose the shot of the red lashes. I love beautiful faces, but I love faces with rich textures even more.

Tony Li Makeup
Keeping skin healthy and young is the best way to look good. A good painting needs a clean canvas.

Tony Li Makeup

Mascara is a must. And don’t forget to shape your eyebrows, it will give the total look a final touch.

Tony Li Makeup
Blush is a good way to emphasise your face shape and enhance your complexion.

Tony Li Makeup
In everyday life, women can put more focus on lipstick. Lipstick is the best way to do a makeover.

Tony Li makeup

Red nails are sexy, vampy and classic at the same time.

Tony Li
I favour fragrances that are fresh yet warm. Look for scents like L’Eau d’Issey that blends floral with woody tones.

Vogue Fashion’s Night Out
Tony Li’s exhibition
ifc mall SEPT 6-29

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