Where Do You Keep Your Makeup and Skincare Products?

Best place for your makeup

What if we told you leaving your favourite moisturiser and perfume out on the dresser right where the sunlight falls on it is actually reducing the life of your products? The ‘Keep in a cool, dry place’ instruction that comes along with your makeup and skincare is actually there for a reason. Exposure to harsh sunlight, excessive moisture and humidity can break down essential ingredients and reduce the potency of the product.

If your closet has shelves, keeping them inside would be useful. Additionally, placing a dehumidifier in your closet will keep your closet moisture-free. If you can invest a medicine cabinet that features temperature control, why not treat yourself and your skincare to one? Before you say “No thanks”, here’s a list of some beauty products and how you can store them:

•    Vitamin C infused skincare products: If your favorite skin care contains a substantial amount of Vitamin C, exposing them to sunlight will degrade the active ingredients. And if it gets degraded, all the benefits are lost. Store inside your cool, dry closet.
•    Makeup: These are prone to oxidation because of the oil that they contain. These oils can turn rancid and you definitely don’t want that on your face. Place in an airtight container before placing inside the fridge.
•    Moisturisers in jars: Never touch skin care products with wet and/or dirty fingertips. Introducing water into your product contaminates them. Dirty fingertips – well you know what would happen; we do not want bacteria breeding in our night creams, do we? If you can get your skin care with a pump dispenser or in a air-tight container, that would be better than jars. Store inside the fridge or your cool and dry closet.
•    Perfume: Storing perfumes in the fridge will slow down chemical reactions and keep the scent longer.

Refrigeration extends the life of your skincare and beauty products. You just have to make sure that they are stored in airtight containers to avoid food contamination or having moisturisers absorb the smells from your fridge eww. Important: do not freeze! Your products will disintegrate if you do.


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