How to get a salon worthy blow out

I love a good blow out – it’s sleek, sophisticated, goes with all my outfits and instantly pulls my look together. But I don’t always get a salon appointment when I need one. So I’ve learnt how to master a blow out at home. Follow these steps for a smooth, salon worthy blow out in the comfort of your home.


Always use a good heat styling product
Before you begin your blow dry, work in a heat styling product such as Moroccan Oil Treatment. This will condition and smooth the cuticles, and prevent any damage from heat. Take a little product in your palms and evenly distribute it from mid-length to the ends of your hair.

Let your hair air dry
After you’ve applied your heat styling product, let your hair air dry for a while. Wet hair is weak and delicate, making it susceptible to breaking, especially if you’re going to be tugging at it with a brush. If you have thick hair, allow it to air dry longer before you start to blow dry.

Start at the top
Begin by drying your roots first. This will help control the shape your blowout will take. Finger comb your hair while rough drying this part. It will also help add some volume, extending the life of your blow out.

Section out your hair
Once you’re done rough-drying the roots, section your hair first into four sections and then approximately two inch sub-sections. The thicker your hair, the more sections you will have. Using a round brush dry it out. Be sure to create some tension so the hair is gently pulled. Keeping the nozzle of your dryer facing down the hair shaft toward the ends, dry out each section.

Blow cold
Once you’re done, give your hair a blast of cold air. This will in fact seal the cuticles and ensure your blow dry lasts longer.

Lastly, spritz on a shine spray and you’re ready to go.



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