5 Wedding Ring Cushions We Love

You’ve probably already planned the most important aspects of your wedding – your venue is booked, you’ve picked your gown, and you’ve scheduled for your photo shoot. Now, let’s get down to the other details, because are just as important!
Have you decided how you want your ring cushion to look like? If you haven’t given any thought to it yet, these ideas may inspire you.

flower ring cushion

Flower Power
Make your ring cushion look like it’s part of the wedding theme by customising one that’s padded with the flower of your choice. Above that, it’s also an allusion to wishing that your marriage will always be a bed of roses.

nest ring cushion

Love Nest
Symbolic of the new life you’re building together, a bird’s nest makes a cute ring cushion too. If you can’t find any in the stores, consider hitting the craft shop and make one yourself using bronze-coloured wires.

shell ring cushion

Shell We Wed?
A beautifully-polished shell is a natural ring cushion! Especially apt if you were holding your wedding at an aquarium or by the beach, the shell can also be adorned with faux pearls and ribbons to make it look prettier.

wood ring cushion

Knock On Wood
Hitting on wood is a custom for good luck. Follow this tradition in a modern way by using a piece of wood for your ring cushion. It also gives off a vintage countryside vibe, perfect for those who are holding their weddings at a quaint venue.

surfboard ring cushion

Have and Hold
Do you have common hobbies? Why not reflect your shared interests through your ring cushion? If you both have a love for surfing, for instance, tying your rings to a mini surfboard makes for a unique ring cushion that exudes a lot of personality.



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